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Core Token Set (117) - Designed for Infinity N4

Core Token Set (117) - Designed for Infinity N4

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Laser Cut token set

Cut from 3mm thick acrylic. Detail etched.

Token pack contains a total of 117 tokens:

  • 3x Camo -3 (25mm) Clear
  • 2x Camo -6 (25mm) Clear
  • 5x Command token - Matt Light Blue
  • 3x Fireteam Leader - Matt Yellow
  • 1x Spearhead - Purple
  • 2x Lieutenant Order - Fluo Blue
  • 15x Regular Order - Fluo Green
  • 10x Irregular Order - Fluo Yellow
  • 5x Impetuous Order - Fluo Red
  • 5x Suppressive Fire - Fluo Orange
  • 10x Wound 1 - Matt Red
  • 5x Wound 2 - Deep Red
  • 10x Unconscious 1 - Light Smoke
  • 5x Unconscious 2 - Dark Smoke
  • 5x Isolated - Matt Azure (Green-blue)
  • 5x Targeted - Matt Orange
  • 5x Stun - Pink
  • 10x Prone - Matt white
  • 2x Unloaded - Dark Green
  • 1x Possessed - Matt purple
  • 2x No Wound Incapacitation - Matt Lime Zest
  • 2x Dogged - Matt Dark Green
  • 2x Immoblised A - Matt Light Blue
  • 2x Immobilised B - Matt Dark blue

Vibrant colours and bold designs make these tokens stand out on the tabletop for high visibility.

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