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Martian Confederation - Fleet Pack

Martian Confederation - Fleet Pack

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Grand Fleet Admiral - Mass space fleet battles on a mini scale!

Each of our "pre-constructed" Fleet Packs for Grand Fleet Admiral contain approximately 1000 points worth of models (not including any in-game upgrades, etc.)
This is plenty to get started with 3-4 Combat Groups and get right into the game.

Martian Confederation Fleet Pack contains:

  • 1x Battleship (58mm long)
  • 2x Carriers (52mm long)
  • 2x Battlecruisers (56mm long)
  • 2x Cruisers (38mm long)
  • 3x Armoured Destroyers (30mm long)
  • 3x Destroyers (30mm long)
  • 8x Line Frigates (29mm long)
  • 6x Frigates (25mm long)

Fleet pack supplied complete with printed flight stands and tokens to play straight out of the box!

Tokens included:

  • 8x 10mm D6 Health trackers
  • 18x 10mm System Damage tokens
  • 24x Carrier Aircraft tokens (with stands)

All ships are single-piece models, no assembly required. Simply mount to a flight stand and play. Models supplied unpainted.

Made from high quality, UV cured resin (colour may vary) and 3D printed to a super smooth 30um layer finish. 

All dimensions quoted are approximate.

Designs licensed for print by Thomas Legget - the creator of GFA

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Parts in this kit are made from high quality 3D printed photopolymer resin. Parts will be supplied clean & cured.
Clean up may require minor filing or sanding to smooth out small imperfections.
Care should be taken when handling 3D printed resin parts as the material is very hard and can produce very sharp edges when cut or broken.

Sold as a complete model kit - assembly and modelling knowledge required.

WARNING - Always wear a suitable face mask when sanding/shaping resin parts.


Laser cut and 3D printed items by Laserforge are all made to order and usually take between 10-15 days to process (not including delivery), although it may be much quicker on occasion.

Please bear this in mind when ordering; consider when you need the items by and please allow enough time for us to process the items.


Handy guides can be found on our Assembly Guides page found on the top menu.


3D printed parts and Laser cut products are all made to order. Order processing may take up to 15 business days.


Laserforge Miniatures will not be held liable for any Import fees that may be required to be paid upon arrival of your order in the destination country. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all relevant taxes and duties are paid.
EU customers are also reminded that import fees may also be due.