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R.U.B.I Universal Storage Pack - [9L] - PACK A

R.U.B.I Universal Storage Pack - [9L] - PACK A

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Compatible With: "Really Useful Box" - 9 Litre (not supplied)

What's in the box?
This pack contains the following trays:

  • 2x RUB-9L-FT-70
  • 2x RUB-9L-HT-52
  • 1x RUB-9L-HT-OR36 Organiser

This pack is ideal for games such as Star Wars Legion where the OR36 Organiser tray offers storage slots specifically for full size and half size cards, plus multiple slots for tokens.
The 2x HT52 trays are perfect for storing 28mm based troopers (Max. 30 per tray).
The 2x HT70 trays are ideal for larger models such as vehicles, (BARC speeders, Spider droids or similar).

Decoding our tray ID numbers:
RUB-9L-HT-52 [Really Useful Box - 9 Litre box - Half Tray - 52mm depth] 48mm internal depth
RUB-9L-FT-70 [Really Useful Box - 9 Litre box - Full Tray - 70mm depth] 66mm internal depth
RUB-9L-HT-OR36 [Really Useful Box - 9 Litre box - Half Tray - Organiser 36mm depth] 32mm internal depth


Introducing the R.U.B.I. system 
"Really Useful Box" Inserts designed specifically as an alternative universal miniature storage solution. With modern miniatures becoming more and more detailed and increasingly delicate, foam trays are often not suitable and can end up causing more damage to the models they are supposed to protect.

Our R.U.B.I. trays are designed to be completely universal and available in various depths to meet your needs.

Magnetic Universal Grid
Each tray has a grid pattern of slots designed to fit 5mm diameter x 2mm thick magnets. The grid system is compatible for bases ranging from 20mm all the way up to 80mm depending on your requirements. The grid pattern is a double 32mm grid (one grid offset from the other) which produces an incredibly flexible design in terms of miniature storage.

Alternatively, flexible magnetic sheeting can be cut and fit into the tray depending on your needs (not included).

Once your model bases have been fitted with magnets, this storage solution becomes a dream to transport them! 
For standard Games Workshop beveled bases, we recommend using 2mm thick magnets; for a standard Space Marine miniature, we would recommend a 3mm x 2mm magnet under the base.

With each tray, we supply enough magnets to fit HALF of the number of slots, i.e. a 50 slot tray will be provided with 25 magnets. - based on the assumption that half wouldn't be used. More magnets are easily purchased from alternative online retailers or your Local Games Store.

Lightweight & Eco-friendly
All trays are made from lightweight 2mm thick MDF and are supplied flat-packed for ease of shipping. We recommend using PVA or white glue to assemble trays, but superglue can also be used in a pinch.

Models shown for example only - not included.

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